Beth Bates | Carmel, Indiana

Beth Bates, a former psychotherapist, is a freelance writer, reader forBooth: A Journal, and an MFA student at Butler University. Her first paid gig presented itself in the form of writing classified ads for the Denver Post, where she learned the correct spelling, pronunciation, and meaning of the word “Thule.” Since being dragged back to the Midwest where she grew up and left with haste after college, Beth has written stories about people, restaurants, and businesses for local magazines. She also worked for an Indianapolis-area nonprofit, writing everything from annual reports to video scripts.


The master plan is to move back to Colorado (living on the proceeds of her wildly successful yet-to-be-completed novel or teaching creative writing at some junior college in the mountains), but for now Beth lives in Carmel, Indiana with her favorite high school teacher (Mr. Bates), two creative children, and a cat named Gary. She and longtime partner Creative Nonfiction recently announced their mutual decision to see other people.

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