Calder Lorenz | San Francisco, California

After a long stint in the Midwest, I’ve been migrating back and forth from Canada, drifting up and down the west coast. While in Canada I helped to coordinate and develop an international news website called, Now Public. Since then, I returned to San Francisco and currently work at St. Anthony’s Dining Room in the Tenderloin District. As well, I am studying in the MFA in writing program at the University of San Francisco.
As a writer, what intrigues me about flash is how well one can hone their editorial skills, preening ten-thousand words down to five-hundred. It can be a relatively sadistic process, but a process which often lends itself to the discovery of unknown styles, voices and characters. These are complete worlds with arcs that thrive in the palm of your hand. For readers, narratives in this form lend themselves to frantic engagement. And really, what more can you ask from a good story.

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