Mark Gurvis | Sausalito CA

Self-inflated, self-effacing, verbally promiscuous, and a natty dresser, Gurvis hails from the southern-most city in the Antipodes, from where he relocated to the Bay Area twenty years ago. Of the 38 cities he has visited in the world, only San Francisco has kept his consistent attention.

Gurvis has spent most of his career so far writing diatribes to major corporate executives in the quest to liberate them from millions under their command. While doing that he has photographed his adventures, including his two disastrous marriages and his two beautiful boys. Today outside of surviving in the cut throat corporate world, he spends his non-child rearing time staving off mortality in the gym, lifting heavy camera equipment to his forehead and releasing the trigger, and occasionally tapping out a short story or two on his black MacBook.

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