Zach Wyner | San Francisco, California

I’m a 32 year-old elementary school teacher who has just completed the MFA in Creative Writing program at the University of San Francisco. My focus was short fiction. For my graduate thesis I produced a collection entitled Half Out Of Love that featured a pair of novellas and a trio of short stories.
Originally from Los Angeles, I returned home after graduating from UC Santa Cruz in ’99 where I majored in Theater Arts. I spent the next four years toiling as an actor/playwright/tutor before eventually becoming an elementary school teacher. In 2007, I left my position and moved to San Francisco to pursue my MFA. Currently, I am employed as a teaching assistant at Park Day School in Oakland. While working with children is and has been a major part of my life, my experiences as a teacher have clarified my passion for writing as opposed to confusing it. Coming from a city that can be superficial and inhumane, it has been my work with children that has helped preserve my sense of hope and love. I have found these qualities to be essential in my efforts to write with the honesty and compassion that our literary creations merit.

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