After the Gazebo by Jen Knox

The Prize at the End of This by Jen Knox

In China by Nathan Alling Long

Flies by Nathan Alling Long

Monstrously Unfair by Rich Larson

Like Chlorine and Night by Rich Larson

Hopeful Old Man McFall by Chad Patton

Sitting Room by Chad Patton

Internal Injuries by Marian Brooks

Iron Crosses by Marian Brooks

Desire by W.F. Lantry

Reason for Being by W.F. Lantry

Email from Athens by Jackie Davis Martin

How to Build a House by Jackie Davis Martin

The Daily Routine by Anne Sullivan

Blarney by Anne Sullivan

Poser by Beth Bates

Change of Plans by Beth Bates

Walls of Eden by Cezarija Abartis

MidLife by Cezarija Abartis

Honey Bee by Niya Christine

Little Orange Pills by Harmony Neal

The Nursery by Harmony Neal

Broken Dreams at the Clover Leaf Hotel by Libby Cudmore

End of The Line by Randall Brown

Mostly Wondering if She Left Her Phone On by Randall Brown

Discovery Bay by Matt Stauffer

Bandon, Oregon by Matt Stauffer

Refractory by David Backer

Lion and Leopard by Anne B Wright

Summer Vacation by Anne B Wright

All Writing is Confession by Anonymous

The Old Guy Who Used to Drink My Coffee by Zachary Fishel

Sometimes There Just Aren’t Enough Rocks by Zachary Fishel

Love Your Endowments by Stacey Dennick

PEACE NOW by Anthony Christiansen

Pumping at The Richfield by Debra Gordon Zaslow

’57 Chevy by Debra Gordon Zaslow

The Mexican Crib Crisis by Lupe Fernandez

Seven Days Ago by Lupe Fernandez

Elephant in the City by Nora Nadjarian

Buffalo Park by Calder Lorenz

February Rain by Calder Lorenz

Killing Time by Zach Wyner

Wavy, Blue Lines by Zach Wyner

Scrapper by Niya Sisk

Fairy Matching by Raphael Cushnir

Cockroach Wisdom by Raphael Cushnir

What Water Can’t Wash Away by Laurie Cannady

Museum of Life by Laurie Cannady

A Little Fictional Heat by Niya Cristine

Our Skies by Joshua Mohr

I Dream in RGB. I Fear in Grayscale by Mark Gurvis

Salmon Becomes Them by Kathy Powell

Ice Bar by Niya Cristine

Camouflage by Kate Adams

God on Vacation by Lyssa Tall Anolik

Alzheimers by Lyssa Tall Anolik

My Brother Buddy by Verna Wilder

Jon Boy by Niya Cristine

Milk Run in Idaho by Ben Garlow

Short Shorts…(words, not lingerie folks!) by Ben Garlow

Blue Moon by Verna Wilder

The Last Road by Verna Wilder

4 Pound Boyfriend by Niya C. Sisk