Ben Garlow

NS:  Do you, or did you have formal training in writing?

BG:  No. Well in college my minor was in English. Can’t you tell?

NS: What about language inspires you?

BG: The first time my mom yelled, “time to eat”, and the most important question in the English language, “how do you like it?” It’s gotten me through many awkward situations.

NS: When did you start to write about things that mattered to you?

BG: When I learned how to create my hard-ons. That’s to say that I began to write poetry to young women I was interested in. Of course they loved the attention but had no idea what I was trying to say. Then I met a woman who understood, and didn’t laugh. She was my first love, and eternally so.

NS: Do you write everyday?

BG: That’s like asking me, “do you like pain everyday?”

NS: Writing is painful for you?

BG: I consider it unkempt activity

NS: Name some authors that inspire or you feel a kinship with.

BG: John Steinbeck, Richard Brautigan, and Jim Harrison, my literary troika. Also a beautiful redhead turned me onto Sherman Alexie, the best short story writer around today.

NS: No women writers?

BG: Is my gender showing? Beryl Markham wrote one book, “West with the night” a masterpiece, and not arguably so. Plus I’m a tadpole; please be gentle with me.

NS: Thank you for taking these questions seriously, and your responses.

BG: My pleasure. But let me ask you one question. Are you the reincarnation of C.S. Price the painter?

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