Curly Red Stories: Writers’ News

Curly Red Writers have been busy pollinating the planet with their talent. Let’s take a look at what a few of our writers have been up to.


Calder’s story, “out back by the rabbit pen” is now published at Switchback Issue 13.

His story, Confessions of a Baptist Janitor” was published with Quiet Lightening.

Calder is now working steadily on a novel. I can’t wait to read it!

Congratulations Calder!



Harmony has new publications at Spork, Hobart, and NAP. And she is the current fiction fellow at Emory University.

“What it’s like to die” at Spork Press

Patterson Thorndike is Dead at Hobart Journal

“FOOTPRINTS at Nap Magazine

Go Harmony!


NORA NADJARIAN (Cyprus, Europe)

NORA NADJARIAN  (Cyprus, Europe)

Exhibition is included inBest European Fiction 2011 (Edited by Aleksandar Hemon). Dalkey Archive Press, 2010

Mother Tongue is included in the anthology Being Human (Edited by Neil Astley). Bloodaxe Books, 2011

Girl, Wolf, Bones – a chapbook of modern day fairy tales: “an alternative trip through the fables and fairy tales of our youth.” Folded Word, 2011

Incredibly impressive Nora!


I’m awe struck by our writers! Growth is good. Growth is amazing!

Curly Red Stories will publish our writers news 2-3 times per year. Thank you.



Letter from Curly Red

Hello and thank you for stopping by! I’m more than thrilled to offer a platform for our writers that shows off their talent more fully. I’m also excited to be introducing some new activities and changes to the magazine. But first a little history about our publishing hiatus for nearly a year.

Curly Red Stories, originally didn’t intend to be a cyclical magazine. I had focused on design driven prose at Vermont College of Fine Arts and was hooked. I published a few writers in 08′ with the ‘working title’ of Curly Red Stories. However, I was more than a little surprised by the amount of enthusiasm for flash fiction. The word spread quickly. I was getting regular submissions. And people actually liked the title. I went with it and Curly Red Stories took on a life of it’s own, like all stories waiting to happen. However, I began CR Stories on iWeb. iWeb is really not set up for magazine proportions in the long run. In 2010 I maxed out on space. I purchased more. Then I maxed out on the max. So, I was unable to publish any more writers on that platform. All those comments that the writers had more than earned. All that content had to be migrated carefully; responsibly. It was going to take cash and time. CR Stories, then was somber during summer months, so last fall I devised a plan that has now been carried out. I couldn’t have done it without the help of Jess Nunez. She is amazing when it comes to technology. She very carefully migrated all the content and wrote custom code to the tune of my design and creative direction. We are over the moon to share it.


Beth Bates, marketing maven and talented editor has joined CR Stories. I feel very lucky. She’s sharp with the pen. I’m your typical creative director. I will be making the vision of the showcases come true. While Beth is not only a talented writer of flash fiction but her eye for detail and inquiries into the text as well as skills in marketing are a clear route to more success for our magazine.

Featured interviews: We will rotate interviews regularly on the home page and announce them via social media channels as we do.

More Circulation: Both Beth and Niya will be attending conferences in 2012 as well as guest blogging in relevant media/writing/publishing circles and we will be showing off CR Stories writers every chance we get. We are even going in arms with cool business cards. Maybe even fancy hats! In addition, Niya’s newly published illustrated children’s book, recognizes CR Stories inside the pages and on Amazon. We will announce juicy PR placements as we gain them. In the meantime, we are charged up and ready to spread the word.

Micro-publications + Events: The views of this author is that flash fiction expresses itself in many forms throughout our culture. A letter between two people can tell a compelling story. A one page dialogue in a screenplay, one word each character throughout can leave the audience floored with all that is revealed. A painting can be translated into a wonderful story in 300 words. Therefore we will have mini-calls for submissions and add pages and showcases in between the Spring and Fall main publications. The best way to stay in the loop is to subscribe to our newsletter. You’ll never miss an announcement or ‘sweet article’ — Thanks!

These are many of the highlights. And as we grow, we are a work in progress, so stick around… you might be as surprised as we are of what comes!