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About Curly Red Stories

Curly Red Stories is an online publication for writers of flash fiction. And, like the gypsies who dance in small spaces yet build a whole culture from what they say with their feet, Curly Red Stories aims to celebrate the gems of story that fly out of limited spaces. CR Stories cultivates the power of design in story—fiction as a design act, a compressed instance of story in a small space. The publication gives rise to writers who have a little designer in them.

Niya C Sisk (Curly Red): Founder, editor, publisher

Niya Sisk MFA founded CR Stories in 2008 with the idea of a magazine that combines visual and story language into a well designed online space. She wanted writers to have on going beautiful home for their words and soulful faces. She is the author of “Bragging Bantering Bawling” story collection and “Po’Bird, a wingless bird determined to fly” illustrated children’s book. She is the founding editor of this journal, “Curly Red Stories” with over 30 writers and several interviews. She received her MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts and a certificate in screenwriting from UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television. You can see Niya’s books and blog at: Niya’s Place Story Studio and follow on Curly Red Stories Twitter.

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