Raphael Cushnir

NS. As an author of applied humanics (sorry, bad habit of making up words) was this book a welcome freedom for the wild, wise Raphael to write in essay, philosophic form?

RAPHAEL: Yes! I was able to blend my artistic self with my teacher self, playing more with metaphor, turns of phrase, full circles, and intuitive leaps and bounds rather than having everything follow a more step by step path.

NS. Which essay is your favorite and why? Is there one in there titled: Dado?

RAPHAEL: Today, right now, I think Fairy Matching is my favorite, maybe because it stars by stepdaughter.

NS. What readers often wonder is, how did this author get here, writing book after book, supporting his family as a full time writer. Is there any snippet of this story you share?

RAPHAEL: If you took all the working hours, including not just the outlining and writing and rewriting but also the marketing and promotion and just generally keeping on top of things and staying in touch with those interested in my work, it’s probably a 60 hour a week, minimum wage gig. Not meaning to be a downer, just a truth teller. I love it, but I’d also love some more breathing room and less work. I intend it…and hopefully here it comes!

NS. Your life is very full now as a father and writer. Do your children help you write in odd inspiring ways?

RAPHAEL: Yes, in the sense that they always provide great material, and reinforce my curiosity by making everything new again as they experience it for the first time. Plus, they always think they know what they want, and what’s what, which is ridiculous, so it helps me stay hip to my own ridiculousness.

NS. Tell us a little about what is now and what is next in your career.

RAPHAEL: I honestly can’t tell. Part of me is ready to write another movie. Another part wants to work the Internet to full effect. Another is a little panicked about the economy and just spins. But I’m also ready for some breathing room and less work. I intend it…and here it comes!

NS. Anything else you’d like to say?

RAPHAEL: Thanks, Niya, from one fairy cockroach to another.

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