Submission Guidelines

CR STORIES   Since 2008 CR Stories has been devoted to realizing the art of flash-fiction. CR publishes 1 writer—2 pieces each—May and November of each year.

CR accepts short fiction from new and published writers. Tell us your stories in under 750 words!

CR Stories pays writers with PR circulation and quality. CR celebrates the magazine’s writers in an ongoing fashion. We are currently spreading the word through: Fictionaut, Facebook page, Twitter, Vermont College of Fine Arts, UCLA Writers, AWP, subscription-based email,social media and more. We are open to other channels and suggestions:  Contact.

We are invested in the success of all writers published at Curly Red Stories. We will consider your new submitted work, one full year after your previous publication. We will still give weighted consideration to new writers, but the quality of your work and attention to the theme will also be primary factors in publication choices.

VOICE:  Curly Red Stories is interested in funny, empowering, character driven, ironic, rich prose of literary quality that tells a story—the personal and the real—under 750 words. In-your-face profanity and pornography are not really our thing! We are interested in a story with a beginning, middle and end vs. abstract prose. The stories will be screened for subject matter, length and quality.

CR Stories relishes in the author interview process and publication. If chosen for publication you are in for a treat.
Seeking stories that boldly explore the theme of the stories, color, texture, adventures, relationships, animals, architecture of cities all over the world. Please be sure your fictions personally involve your own story in your characters.

GUIDELINES – Read Carefully. Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered.

  • Submit 3 pieces (3 required) — 2 of 3 of your pieces are chosen for publication.
  • 750 maximum word count.
  • Submit bio and fictions in .doc format.
  • Submit a 2 paragraph bio in a separate document, (not the cover letter) that includes your full name, location, writing experience and honors, academic accomplishments, your publications and hopes and dreams (if you like).
  • A photograph of you. Head shots are preferred but we can work with what you give us. We will make your photograph black and white or you can send us a black and white photograph. jpg file formats. Size in this case doesn’t matter. ; )
  • Please do not submit photos for your writing submissions only your bio. CR Stories will purchase unique photos to go with your piece.
  • We will publish previously published pieces. Please cite them.

If published you will hear from Niya and you will have the opportunity to approve editorials. Once your piece is published CR Stories asks that you announce it to at least 10 friends and family to comment. CR Stories wants publishers and agents to find you on search results because we want a robust readership for the work of our authors.

FOOTNOTE: Congratulations on your submission to CR Stories!
Curly Red Stories is staffed by volunteers. We do not sell advertising space to keep a strong focus on the writers. Therefore, the rewards of publishing with CR Stories is not monetary but PR and about being in a wonderful community that continually celebrates the art of  flash fiction.